I was born in the former Soviet country, but moved to UK at the age of 16 and lived here ever since.

My favorite things in life are usually found outside, in the fresh air: hiking, swimming, skiing, camping, climbing, ...

I hope you enjoy reading the articles I deliver, as I surely enjoy writing them. There are so many things we, as consumers do not realize fully due to the lack of information or involvement in each particular sphere. As a journalist I have a chance to follow the events in the chronological order, making sense of the happenings with a more deep and critical viewpoint.

Many people think that gambling news are never as important, and that gamblers themselves are not interested in reading the news; they are just in it to play. I tend to think differently. If you consider yourself a true gambler, who is interested in the gambling world as a whole, you would most certainly be following the latest news and will therefore observe everything with an intelligent point of view. This in terms benefits your gaming strategy and helps you understand which online and offline offerings are there for which purpose. Which casinos, poker rooms, bingo halls, bookmakers, etc. are trying to achieve which objective of theirs: whether it is improving customer loyalty or gaining the numbers of new sign ups or simply a desperate cry for help in a worrying position?

Still, gambling news are not for gamblers alone; they are also for anyone else who is interested in political, social, cultural and other global changes. Gambling is such a huge part of our lives now and it can indeed demonstrate the latest societal trends and political tendencies. All these numerous new restrictions several countries have been trying and in some cases successfully enforcing and the effects it had on the national and international situation. It is truly fascinating, to my mind anyway.

Ok, I've gotta run now: more news to catch, more to tell you about. Enjoy browsing through our site, we have lots of other exciting things to have a look at, aside from news.

Wishing you the best of luck of behalf of all Gaming Alerts Team!