Poker and Sex

Ever thought about how poker can have a positive effect on your sex life? Well independent studies have found that in a poll of 1000 people, 64% said that after a big win when gambling their sex drive increased greatly.

In fact some even added that their partner often encouraged them to gamble on line so they could see the fringe benefits.

Sceintists have said that this increase in sex drive is due to the chemicals released due to the rush of adrenalin either when you are bluffing, risking it all on your last hand or when you win big.

The thrill is then carried over to the bedroom where your other half takes the place of the opponant in the heads up match.

However, losing when playing poker or casino has a detrimental effect on your sex life. 82% of people polled said that when they lost online, the inferiority they felt either against the casino or other poker players and little bedroom action was seen for at least 2 days, or until their next big win.

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