Poker Chips

Poker chips are the recognised “currency” that you must purchase when entering a poker room, casino, gaming hall etc, if you want to play poker.

Poker chips could in a variety of formats and each gaming hall will have its own exclusive design of poker chip. For the enthusiast, with his or her own poker table at home many sites online sell poker chips. These would include, poker chips. com, gamble uk, and casino-shop, to name but a few of the many places where poker chips are readily available. A useful site for information about poker chips and other accessories would be Gaming Alerts who will send information, using new technology, direct to your desktop.

Poker chips come in mainly regulated size and weight, but the design of the poker chip can be customised to suit the individual or casino. These poker chips can come in varying colours, to denote the value of the poker chip, usually they have a unique design as well. Many poker chips have a value stamped on to them as well as being a colour coded poker chip. These values can be to the individuals requirements and can be Euro values, US Dollar values as well as sterling. Poker chips can also vary in weight corresponding to their nominal value. These poker chip weights are normally 4gms up to the accepted standard weight of 11.5gm poker chip.