Strip Poker

Fancy spicing up your usual Friday night game of poker? Why not try strip poker? The rules of the game are the same, except you are playing for items of clothing – not cold hard cash!

What you need are equal numbers of boys and girls, people you trust preferably (we dont want any embarrassing videos on You Tube) and some alcohol (optional). Then let the game begin!

Play as you would any normal game of Texas Holdem, for example, and the loser has to remove an item of clothing. You dont need to play Texas Holdem, you can play any variation of the game of poker. In fact you could even play strip Snap!

Before you start taking off socks and shoes, you also need to work out what each item of clothing is worth – you dont want to be swopping your trousers for a sock!!

The last person wearing clothes is the winner.

If you dont fancy taking your clothes off in front of your mates, why not playe strip poker online? There are sites where you can play against people online. All you need is a webcam!