Video Poker

Video poker is a combination of poker and the familiar slot machine. Video poker can be played by anyone at the very many online sites. To play video poker it is necessary to understand the basic rules of poker, without which video poker just becomes another Tic Tac Toe type slot machine.

Learning how to play video poker isn’t very difficult; it’s a matter of following a few simple rules and overall, knowing how to operate the machine itself to get the results you want. Being familiar with the slot machine might be of little advantage here at the video poker site, since the game is entirely different; on the other hand, having played slot machines you might be more comfortable with using the video poker machine, since they’re both built in a similar way.

There are three basic steps to every video poker game. Understand this, and you’re half-way to playing a good game of video poker, this is how the game works. You are dealt five cards out of a 52-card deck (53 if a jack is used). You then have a chance to improve your video poker hand and you have to identify which cards you want to keep and which of those you’d like to replace by drawing more. This is the area where a good video poker strategy fits in. It is not a necessity, but if you are not just playing video poker for fun it’s a good idea. The video poker computer, then, deals replacements for the cards you didn’t want and you either win or you lose.

It’s that simple! Can you imagine that some of the pro video poker players play 100 hands an hour? That wouldn’t be possible were the game any more complicated, but due to its simplicity, you can play video poker at a fast pace. All updates on video poker sites can be sent to your desktop by accessing Gaming Alerts as well as information regarding all gaming.