Asian Poker Classic Results

17th May 2007

Pranav Bathija of Mumbai, a self taught poker player (just 4 months ago he didn’t have a clue about the ins and outs of Texas Hold’em) has scooped 3rd place at the Asian Poker Classic, held at the Intercontinental Grand Resort in Goa.

“This win will do great things for poker in Asia… If I can learn poker in just four months and place third in an international poker tournament, then I’ve proven that it is very possible to be a successful poker player in India,” said Bathija. Bathija was sponsored by the online site where he learned the game, Maharajah Club. Bathija defeated 143 professional poker players from all around the world to win his 3rd place share in the tournaments $1 Million prize fund.
“This is a serious tournament. I’m so happy to prove myself and to prove that Indians can compete in this sport on an international level,” he added.

“We are proud to support Indian poker players by giving them the opportunity to compete in a live poker tournament in their home country. So often Indian poker players have to travel to half way around the world to compete in a live poker tournament, bringing this great sport to India has given many more Indian poker players a chance to compete and win in a professional poker tournament that competes in prize money with the best tournaments in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo,” said CEO Sachin Pawa.

RESULTS: 1st place – Carl Hostrup (Denmark) 2nd place – Samual Lehtonen (Sweden) 3rd place – Pranav Bathija (India)

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