British Terrorists caughtin online poker rooms

31st Jul 2007

Three men from Britain who were recently found guilty of charges of terrorism have admitted to the courts that they were laundering money through online poker rooms to assist their criminal behaviour.

US newspaper, The Washington Post, claims that the men used were using accounts at the websites Canbet, Paradise Poker, and Noble Poker as well as a host of others to launder their money. Investigators had to spend hundreds of hours going through mountains financial information in order to track down the illegal activities of the terrorists. It is thought that the men used well over 100 stolen credit cards at as many as 43 different gambling websites.

The three Brits used a variety of computer viruses, sent via email, as well as stolen credit card details to set up an entire network of communication forums. These forums displayed many comprehensive lessons on hacking and bomb making and well as hosting several disturbing violent videos.

Authorities have said that one of these men, named as Waseem Mughal, was found to have a computer that had a video with instructions, in Arabic, for constructing a suicide-bomb vest and a formula for designing improvised explosives.

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