Californian Roads to be Paved with Bad Bets???

17th Aug 2007

Anthony Sandstrom, the citizen of California decided to take measures against the gambling ban introduced in America by starting to collect signatures for establishing a state-run poker site in California. He needs to collect 430,000 signatures for the initiative to be up for popular vote.

State-run poker site idea has been done before by the Swedish government in March 2006. It’s open for Swedish citizens exclusively, which would probably be equivalently exclusive for Californians if Anthony is to be successful in his appeal.

The Swedish site became extremely successful as soon as it was launched, it found immediate recognition among most visited players. It has a stable rating among the ten most visited poker sites globally. It has proceeds in the $30 million (2006), which is extremely pleasant for the public finances.

As California’s population exceeds Sweden’s by a factor 4, such move could be extremely promising for the state’s economy. Sandstrom’s proposition is to use 90% of the net revenues of poker sites on road repairs. The rest of the profit he suggest should be directed to sponsor programs for problem gamblers. You can say what you like, but this guy seems to have California’s best interest in mind and a good ethical business sense.

So, next time when you driving through California, you might be driving on bad bets.

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