Man Marginally Defeats Machine

26th Jul 2007

Man has triumphed in the first ever poker match between humans and computers. The human poker players won marginally in the first ever official competition to put humans against computers.

The game was organised by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) and pitched two of the best poker pro’s in the world against a program called Polaris which was developed by Alberta University.

The match consisted of 4 games. It was a tight affair that saw a tied round and a win for each team. In the final round the humans captured the win by a mere 570 points. Ali Eslami, who won the final round for the pro’s, said that he was glad it was over and was surprised to have taken victory from the grasp of the machine.

The Polaris program, which has taken over 16 years to develop, is a complex machine as poker is predominantly a very psychological game, rather than based on mathematical rules and probabilities.

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