adds Poker

23rd Aug 2007

The online magazine, Maoney-Casino has added a new section on poker that is designed to help players understand how to play poker better and to obtain both necessary aspects of skills: strategic planning as well as intuition and chance. The magazine is promising to update players on comprehensive tips and is also supposed to have a new entertaining psychic ability test that is supposed to help the player to understand what opponents cards are like without having a look at them. Poker News are also supposed to be included in the magazine, with other useful articles that could potentially generate the success of readers. The advice given in the magazine stretches from tournament tips, pot odds calculations and most obvious mistakes, that should be avoided by those who just started to explore the world of online poker and poker in general.

The new test is called “Predict The Future”. It is designed to analyse players’ ability to predict the result of the games, such as roulette or to trace the cards that have gone out. The test also analyses the player’s intuition and helps to improve that skill for the future reference. The idea seems very useful for beginners as well as experienced players, which is why it is worth checking out!!!

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