New WPA Ethics Code

30th Jul 2007

The WPA (World Poker Association) has today informed the world of a new Ethics Code, which has been designed to form generic standards for all poker tournaments. Compliance with the code has been made mandatory for admission into the WPA as well as continued membership. The 5 part code details every aspect of professional poker behavior as seen by the 1,333 WPA members.

These 5 new sections which outline the expected professional behavior of the players are in addition to the Ethics Compliance Pledge that was designed by the board of the WPA.

The Ethics Compliance Pledge is as follows:

As a condition of admission and continued membership in the World Poker Association (WPA), I pledge to support and uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct in all aspects of poker competition and tournament activities, and hereby agree to comply with the WPA Code of Ethics as developed and periodically updated by the WPA and posted on its official website,

The 5 part code of ethics is as follows:

General Provisions Relationships among Players Relationships between Players and Dealers Player-Management Relationships External Relationships

The guidelines have been designed with the aim of improving the overall professionalism of the players and the respect for the game.

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