PKR update brings new excitements

7th Jun 2007

The massive online poker brand, has just unleashed the biggest software upgrade since their launch in August 2006.

PKR have already wowed the critics and players alike with their amazing 3D graphics. Over 600,000 people have downloaded and played on PKRs platform and these numbers grow every day.

The new updated software gives the 3D Poker room and its characters even more realistic qualities.

There is a Met Bar environment which includes a VIP room, so the user can feel ever more exclusive and comfortable while they play.

In addition the characters have even more poses and animations making them more life like than ever. This realism makes the game far more exciting and when you are playing in a tournament and the player opposite you is gesturing to you, it just increases the intensity of the game!!

The characters you create can become even more (or less) like the real you. You can add a few pounds to the frame, or indeed go all Posh Spice and skeletal, add earrings, tattoos, piercings, the list is endless.

Feel like playing all dark and moody? The Emote Comtrol system developed by can do just that. Seen the professionals stand up when they go all in? Want to emulate that – not a problem. You can now have your character stand up and bask in the excitement.

Feeling a bit sweaty after an intense heads up? Why not try out the dressing room and choose from a range of outfits?

With all these amazing features PKR has brought to the game, you must be wondering whats next.

Now you can make your player as like you as you want, how about some online dating mixed in with a little poker??!! Watch this space……

Which part of the site do you use most often?