$2 million Winner at the WSOP

30th June, 2008

Scotty Nguyen won an incredible $2million U.S. dollars beating opponent Michael DeMichele in a tense game at the WSOP. Nguyen earned his fifth gold bracelet at the championships finishing top of 148 fellow poker players. The winner started the final days game with the second highest number of chips and was involved in a constant three way battle with DeMichele and Lindgren. Third place Lindgren narrowly lost out to Nguyen being defeated by a pair of 9s when he held a pair of 8s.

His pair of aces and high ten won him the tournament putting out DeMichele.

"Scotty Nguyen's gonna be triple crown, baby!" Nguyen said after posing at the made-for-TV final table with thick stacks of $100 bills and his newly won bracelet. "That's my dream."

Nguyen has had past success at the WSOP winning $1 million back in 1998. He showed his skill once again this with this impressive win. DeMichele, however, wont be complaining after earning $1.24 million finishing second in the tournament.

Nguyen nows set out to overtake Phil Hellmuth's record of 12 WSOP bracelets. "I'm gonna make Phil Hellmuth squirm," he said.

Betting limits were imposed on the five game tournament to provide the ultimate test in skill for players and Nguyen demonstrated why he was five time winner of the WSOP.

By Jamie

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