An Englishman has Won the EPT in Baden

12th October, 2007

Julian Thew from Nottingham has won EPT in Baden sponsored by collecting 670,800. The final hand was against the Hungarian poker player Denes Kalo who was all in with his A5 pre-flop push with A8 in a marathon heads up battle. It was only a few months ago when Thew won a tournament at the Grosvenor casino in Plymouth when he picked up 59,500

The event was held in a plush Hotel in the small Austrian town, which attracted 282 top class players, who paid 8,000 each creating a prize pool of 2.14 million. The final table consisted of:

  1. Vladimir Poleshchuk (Russia) 624,000

  2. Julian Thew (England) 610,000

  3. Denes Kalo (Hungary) 468,000

  4. Manfred Hammer (Germany) 369,000

  5. Anton Allemann (Switzerland) 254,000

  6. Thierry van den Berg (Holland) 227,000

  7. Thomas Fuller(USA) 190,000

  8. Ted Lawson(USA) 81,000

Within the first 15 minutes of the final day Allemann and Lawson hit the rails. Alleman went up against Poleschuk with AK against the Russians K9 who made trip 9s, so Allemann left with 60,000 for his efforts.

In the next hand Poleshchuks A9 of hearts against Lawsons KQ of clubs and the Russian hit a flush to knock out Lawson who took home 83,000.

The Russian carried on knocking players out of the tournament left right and centre. He knocked Hammer out with A9 vs. 55, hitting an A on the flop. Hammer left with 105,000 for his efforts.

Fuller knocked out Van Der Berg for the Dutch man to be hit the rails and receive a tidy sum of 132,900.

The game started to calm down by the time there where only four players left. Thew filled a flush draw and knocked Fuller out who took home 160,820.

Kalo busted Poleshchuk when his KJ filled a straight to bust the Russians AQ. He collected 225,000 leaving two to battle it out.

Thew and Kalo had a long battle heads up but Thew won taking home 670,800 along with a buy-in to the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo. Kalo took home a tidy sum of 375,000.

The Next European Poker Tour is the Dublin event at the end of October.

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