Bodog Poker Pro Wins WPT 2010!

28th April, 2010

David Williams, a Bodog Poker pro, has won himself a very cool $1.5million at the World Poker Tour Championship.

The player has come close to winning the title before; in 2004 David Williams came second to Greg Fossilman Raymer. In 2006 he won his first World Series Of Poker (WSOP) and now in 2010 he has won his second biggest cash win and arguable the biggest professional win of his career.

Williams has accomplished what few have, at the age of 29 he took down the Season VIII World Poker Tour championship. However some still question how tough his victory actually was considering that only 195 players turned up at the tournament, so is it really such an accomplishment that it should be?

Thousands of players turn up for WSOP events, so less than 200 opponents seem like nothing. However you need to consider at $25K a go there wasnt much dead money in the game like the WSOP. In addition at the final table Williams had to face the likes of Scotty Nguyen and Phil Hellmuth meaning that his credibility will remain intact.

Its pretty awesome to have my first one be the biggest one, Williams said, referencing the fact that his first WPT win happens to be the championship event of the season.

So, regardless of the nit picking, winning the WPT Championship really is a pretty awesome achievement.

By Faye

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