British Astrophysicist Model Wins Big At European Poker Tour

23rd April, 2010

A British model that has appeared in the likes of magazines such as Loaded and has a degree in astrophysics from the University of Manchester has scooped £1.1 million in a poker tournament!

The 25 year old has beaten 1,240 contestants in order to win the top prize at the European Poker Tour.

Liv Boeree from Kent only had a pair of fives in her final hand, but managed to keep her nerve against Swedish Jakob Carlsson’s ace high and a six.

Liv commented on her win, “I can’t believe it, I’m still pinching myself that I’ve won a million pounds. I don’t feel like a millionaire because I’m still wearing my grubby old clothes. But I’m sure when I’ve bought a little place in Las Vegas, a big house in the English countryside and a brand new car I will feel a bit more minted!”

The student turned model, turned poker pro has been dubbed as the Iron maiden for her love of heavy metal music has only been playing competitively for the past four years.

She is now the third women to win the European Poker Tour which this year took place in San Remo, Italy.

“It took six days and by the end I was running on adrenaline. When I eventually won, I just jumped up and started whooping.”

Her total winnings have now reached £1.8million in just three years; despite this, she still lives with her parents in Milstead, Kent.

Liv’s next challenge is the EPT grand final which is to be played in Monte Carlo this Sunday. Last year’s winner took home £2.2 million.

By Gina

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