CryptoLogic are dumped by WPT

25th November, 2008

Online poker has steadily been building up a head of steam in the virtual casino gaming community regarding its popularity. This is mainly due to the increased viewing and interest in the World Series of Poker Tournament events.

Recently the gaming powerhouse World Poker Tour left the online gaming community holding its breath as officials decided to end a long standing partnership with software giant CryptoLogic. However to ensure faithful were not left feeling abandoned, World Poker Tour (WPT) officials quickly moved on to find another suitable option. Shortly after the shocking announcement WPT announced the start o their new partnership with the online poker gaming site.

InterPoker is a subsidiary of the InterCasino family, InterCasino is renowned for treating customers extremely well and this was supposedly a factor in WPT decision.

The new partnership will ensure that poker players continue to receive full benefits on their accounts without interruption. The reason behind the termination of the previous partnership with CryptoLogic has said to be due to an unimpressive statistical report of player interaction with the website.

With the online poker aspect taken care of, WPT believe that they can dedicate their focuses on the television program side of its entertaining business and several other ideas that are currently in the creative stages within the company.

By Rommon

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