Duplicate Poker ‘removes luck element’

By Emmie

13th May, 2008

Duplicate Poker has launched a novel approach to removing the luck element of online poker.

The pioneering online gaming house is running purely skill-based poker games that have their roots in Tournament Bridge, whereby gamers are dealt identical hands.

For this strategy to work, two poker players on two separate tables are given the same hand and then the operator calculates how well they played their cards based on their chip gain.

Even if a poker player play loses chips, he will still earn points if his opponent lost a greater number.

Duplicate Poker claims that the games completely remove the possibility of a bad run ruining a competitor’s chance as their standard of gameplay is only measured against the potential of their hand.

It is offering the unique games in a number of scheduled tournaments as well as sit-and-go games and round robin events.

According to pokerlisting.com, the luck-based element of poker is the primary reason it is included in the various online gambling bans that are in place in countries around the globe.

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