Gaming Alerts interview with Derrek Webb creator of PTG Poker

17th August, 2009

Whilst attending Poker in the Park 2009, we were able to speak to Derrek Webb regarding his brand new poker style, PTG.

Derrek commented saying that PTG was a poker style designed to make Hold’em and Omaha more interesting, applying it to cash games, it makes these games fairer for newer players too. PTG is designed to increase the participation incentive for people who have fewer chips in play than others.

Derrek stated that PGT caters for the losing players, stating that for every 1 lifetime winning poker player, there are hundreds of thousands of losing players, and these are the people that PTG Poker is aimed at.

PTG Poker has been awarded a US patent for its innovative design and originality, which definitely works in its favour. UK Poker operators both land and online based are still growing aware of the new play style, with Napoleon Poker having already adopted the new play style and more expected to follow within the next few months.

Derrek Webb has been a professional poker player for 15 years, and was the creator of three card poker, so we expect to see this style follow in his successes and experience.

Gaming Alerts Do Poker in the Park 2009

By Tom

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