Hellmuth out of the WSOPE main event

30th September, 2008

I guess it’s not that interesting that Phil Hellmuth has been eliminated from the World Series of Poker Europe main event because poker professionals lose all the time and it is not possible to cash in every single tournament. However, what is interesting is how it all went down when you put it into context with the entire WSOPE.

In the £2,500 buy in HORSE event, Hellmuth got into a hand with Sherkhan Farnood that didn’t sit well with the “Poker Brat.” He ended up calling Farnood “the worst player in the world,” as he threw his cards into the muck.

Not long after making this statement, it was Farnood who eliminated Hellmuth from the HORSE event in 12th place. What more is that Farnood ended up taking down the whole event, winning £144,000 and the WSOP gold bracelet, which I’m sure got a lot of giggles from the surrounding professionals as well as poker fanatics who think Hellmuth crosses the line far too often.

If the story had ended there it would still be worth mentioning in the news pages for the mere fact that it makes Hellmuth look stupid, but the story only continued to the main event, which could only turn that giggle into a laugh.

After Hellmuth had held on to his dwindling stack for as long as he could, he finally made a stand with pocket kings. However, it was not meant to be for the poker professional as his hand was beat by a pair of pocket fives that hit a set on the flop. For some reason we didn’t see the kind of blow up you might expect from this kind of beat against this kind of player, especially considering who the culprit was.

The person who knocked out Hellmuth in the main event, with an inferior preflop hand mind you, was none other than Sherkhan Farnood, which is reason for all of us to tune in to the WSOPE this year.

By Michael

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