High Stakes Poker Could it Be a Million Dollar Pot.

8th November, 2007

The $500,000 buy in game was televised on Monday night. There is $5 million table and it is expected that we will see a record breaking pot. There has been hints at the end of this weeks episode that we are about to see the first ever $1 million dollar pot. The episode ended with footage of Jamie Gold announcing he is all in against Patrik Antonius who calls.

It could be that one of the players is short stacked which would mean that the pot may not be as big as everyone is expecting, but when we last saw Jamie Gold and Patrik Antonius they both seemed to be doing well. It was rumored that Gold wanted to pull off a million dollar bluff and if there is anyone who is going to be able to sniff out a million dollar bluff it would be Patrik. We will be able to let you know on Tuesday. Find out at Poker Alerts news first.

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