Howard Lederer leads WSOPE HORSE event

24th September, 2008

London has been invaded by a mob of poker players all hoping for glory on the worlds biggest stage at the European version of the World Series of Poker and the action is really coming to a head in the second event, the 2,500 HORSE tournament.

Right now it is Howard Lederer who leads the pack of remaining players in the tournament with a little over 200K in chips, but it is still anyones game as there will be a full day of poker today. Especially when you look at Phil Ivey sitting in fourth in chips with 114K in chips its easy to assume that there will be some spectacular poker play on the bill for today.

Another player who is not too far off from the chip leader who has a real chance at giving Lederer some trouble is Jeff Lisandro who is currently third in chips with 125K.

Its all going down in Leicester Square, one of the many world famous spots in London, at the Casino at the Empire. Last year the tournaments were held in a network of poker clubs, but this year, in an attempt to attract more people to the tournament and create excitement, the directors decided to hae all the tournaments in one casino.

The first event already played out and awarded Jesper Hougaard with his second WSOP gold bracelet in the past three months, making him the first person ever to win a WSOP tournament on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

By Michael

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