Isildur1 Pulls Out Of PartyPoker’s Big Game IV!

12th April, 2010

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Following our excitement of mysterious poker player, Isildur1’s participation in the PartyPoker Big Game IV in our article, Isildur1 Joins Matchroom To Play At Party Poker’s Big Game IV! it seems that the player has made a surprise reversal in his decisions, by pulling out of the high stakes 48 hour game.

Usually Isildur1 plays for stakes of up to $500/$1,000 and has decided to pull out of the game as the £25/50 blinds weren’t ‘juicy’ enough for him. This is in addition to personal issues which included his driving test.

The player contacted Tony G personally about the show, which caused mass excitement across the poker community as they anticipated the prospect of seeing the Swedish mystery man live in action.

However, with the current turn of events, it seems that no one is more disappointed than Tony G, after investing lots of time and effort organizing and associating his name with Isildur1.

“To say I am disappointed is an understatement. It has left a bad taste in my mouth. What you have to understand is that he reached out to me first and asked and then agreed to play.” Said Tony G.

Many of the poker community have been left speculating whether the incident was in fact a joke or publicity stunt. For example, some members of the TwoPlusTwo online poker forum, posted comments such as; “What a joke. Lame way to get attention for this show. It’s all fake. I don’t believe Tony G, even a word.”

Another member was unconvinced by the text message apparently sent by Isildur1 to Tony G, which simply said “Sry for not coming, take care bud.” The forum member complained; “This text message sounds totally fake to me. ‘Take care bud’ is a slang British phrase, most commonly used in the Southwest of England. I find it hard to believe it’s the sort of language a Swede would use.”

Whatever really happened, it seems that Tony G is now set to disassociate himself from Isildur1 as much as possible. He commented: “As far as I am concerned I am washing my hands with him and moving on. On your bike!”

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By Faye

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