Leading Poker Site Lends a Hand

By Elena

29th May, 2008

PokerStars, one of the world’s leading poker rooms online, makes its own move to help the victims of the earthquake in China recover from the recent tragedy. Poker Stars has announced the establishment of a “Quake Relief” account as well as the setting up six China Quake Relief Fund “tournaments” in an effort to solicit donations from Poker Stars’ members on behalf of the China earthquake victims.

Poker Stars gives its members two ways by which they can help the victims of the tragedy in China. First, members of Poker Stars can do a direct transfer from their Poker Stars account to the “Quake Relief” account. Any amount of donation is welcome in this case.

Another method by which members of Poker Stars can make their donation to the victims of the China earthquake tragedy is by registering for one of the six tournaments labeled “China Quake Relief Fund.” Specifically, members who wish to make a donation by this route should visit Poker Stars, proceed to the Tournament lobby, and choose one of the six China Quake relief Tournaments there. The six tournaments have different buy-ins; specifically, the registration fees for each vary from 1 to 100 dollars, and a member of Poker Stars can choose the tournament based on the amount he or she would like to donate. The buy in for such tournaments will be considered as the member’s donation.

The China Quake Relief Fund tournaments are not actually real tournaments. Those who register for said tournaments should not expect to play in any tournament after they have paid the required buy-in. All these 6 tournaments’ buy-ins will all be considered as outright donations.

Whichever method members of Poker Stars choose, Poker Stars is determined to carry out its pledge of matching every member’s donation. Every one-dollar donation is to be matched by a one-dollar donation from Poker Stars. Therefore, a $100 dollar donation will be matched by another hundred dollars from Poker Stars.

All the monies collected from Poker Stars members in the Quake Relief account (to which members can make a direct transfer of any amount from their own Poker Stars account) and in the China Quake Relief Fund “tournaments” (for which those who wish to donate are required to sign up and pay the buy-in ranging from $1 to$100), will therefore be doubled before the entire amount is given over to the Red Cross which is spearheading the rescue and rehabilitation efforts in China.

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