Main Event of EPT London Won by Joseph Mouawad

1st October, 2007

EPT in London sponsored by PokerStars was won by a Lebanon called Joseph Mouawad, he beat 391 players to pick up 611,520. Mouawad qualified playing online and beat Floria Langmann from Germany in the heads up.

The last day started with 8 players. Ian Cox was first to be eliminated with K7 caller Langmann with K3, who found a 3 on the board. Cox received 57,075

Paul Mendes was next to be knocked out with K10 ran into AK from Lellouches leaving the table with 77,459

Lellouche was the next player to leave the table when Mouawad called his all in from beind with J2 and made two pair. He took away 97,843 for his efforts.

Haugen exited in fifth position when his Q10 was beaten by Langmann with his AJ, taking home 124,342. Egan busted in fourth when his KJ went up against Langmanns Aces, he took home 152,880 for his efforts.

Shortly afterwards Barans went all in with 44 and ran into Langmanns K7 which picked up a King on the flop. He won 203,840 for finishing third.

Mouawad and Langmann were the two remaining to battle it out heads up with virtually the same amount of chips. The last two battled it out for just under an hour. The last hand comprised of Langmann with 89 suited and Mouawad held a Q3. The flop came 69Q. Langmann made a bet and Mouawad went all in over the top, Langmann considered for a moment and called, Mouawad hit another Q on the turn and the river bought a 8. Mouawad walked off with 611,520 to his name while Langmann took off with 346,528 for finishing second.

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