Mansion poker $200K winner!

19th October, 2009

Last week a player at mansion poker only known to us at RUM231 won $200,000 in an online poker tournament. The player won the 12 hour long tournament with an unbelievably huge cash prize.

RUM231 is a regular player and came across the opportunity of a lifetime, grabbing it with both hands! When asked about the tournament he commented, I am so excited to have been part of the tournament. I played for 12 hours and finally came out on top on Monday morning. I felt like I had the final table under control since I understood how the other players were playing. At the same time I was fortunate enough to win some key hands where it was just a 50/50 chance. The final hand I was dealt was a pocket queens. There were two fives on the flop and a queen. Luckily for me my opponent had a five so we were both all in. Thats when I won the pot and the tournament. What a great feeling"!

Skills definitely call the shots in online poker and are very different compared to a live game. In online poker you can play a few tables simultaneously as opposed to one in live poker, making quick decisions a key aspect to the online game. To be a great online player you do not need a poker face its pure chance. Having said that, expert players say that they can learn to read their opponents by their response time.

Timothy Green, a witness of the game commented that the game was witty and aggressively played. "You could see how he continued to learn each table and each player, slowly taking control and grabbing the opportunity to win when it came around".

Well done RUM231 you really can win huge sums when playing online poker, so why not give mansion poker a try?

By Faye

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