Michelle Orpe to Host European Poker Tour!

13th May, 2010

Michelle Orpe, the multi talented TV Presenter and member of the poker team will continue to host the European Poker Tour this summer it has been announced.

The Colchester stunner had her first big break 7 years ago when she was spotted and asked to host a channel 5 TV show, ‘Rem Com Raiders’

Since her television debut she has worked for Eurosports presenting shows that include the European Drag Racing Championships and Stock Car Racing Championships. Then she was snapped up by sky where they gave her the chance to host daily live poker show ‘poker night live’ which she was happy to accept.

Michelle was given a crash course in the poker game and now has not just become an excellent post host but a formidable player herself.

Michelle Orpe said: “Men take one look at me when I sit at the table and their pattern of thought goes something like this: Blonde, young, female, on the television… obviously can’t play, easy target! And this is what I’m quite happy to let them believe, until I walk away with all their chips of course.”

Michelle doesn’t just have a love for poker, she has a real love for games and sports in general and has tried her hand at sky diving, cliff jumping, abseiling and water skiing.

She is sure to continue to make a splash this summer as she host the EPT which will air on both channel 4 and on sky.

By Rommon

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