Million Dollar Online Poker Tourney

30th May, 2008

It seems that people cant just get enough of poker and casino operators, whether online or land-based also cant give away enough to deserving poker champions. From small-time tourneys to large-scale betting, poker has invaded the gambling world like no other game ever played.

With the inclusion of online casinos, the game has now been made more available to more people across the universe, so to speak. Online casinos have also made it easier for people to join cash games whether they are old-timers or first-timers. The best part about it all is that online casinos know that the market has become competitive hence; they are always on the look-out for the best gimmicks to invite more players to their sites.

Winning a Seat

As if there arent enough poker tournaments to go around, on the 31st of May, there will be a million-dollar poker tournament online that will be available for all qualifiers. As earlier mentioned, online casinos have made it easier for newbies and seasoned players alike to join their ongoing and upcoming tournaments.

With as little as only a dollar, you can easily sign-up for games that will allow you to win pots and ultimately a seat to one of their tournaments, in this case, a million dollar tourney set for the last day of May this year., host of the Million-Dollar tourney wants everyone to have a fair chance to win a seat to their finals and thus they have also offered exclusive freerolls set within the week as a last chance for anyone interested to grab a coveted seat to the finals.

The Million-Dollar finals is the conclusion to a month-long promotional tourney that gave away approximately $12M in prizes! The promotional gimmick was a way of giving back to their loyal players. Giving away a million dollars in cash prize is the perfect ending to good round of poker.

Money-Making Venture

With cash prizes amounting to hundreds of thousands up to several millions, it is no wonder that people have become more and more interested in playing the game; more so in mastering it.

With the inclusion of casinos online, particularly poker rooms, people can now master the game without actually having to leave their homes. And with tourneys promising loads of cash prizes, it is understandable why people are getting hooked on the game.

Incidentally, you can get online to find out more about the finals game, including how you can join and qualify.

By Michael

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