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4th November, 2009

PKR offers one of the best online poker experiences around. From generous bonuses, great promotions and exquisite looks, PKR is quickly becoming one of the most popular sites to enjoy the great game of poker.

PKR offers a 100% bonus on all deposits up to $800, a generous amount for online sites, and with numbers of players reaching levels of over 3000 during peak times the popularity of the site demonstrates that its a true fan favourite.

With such a large number of players there may be some concern of crowded tables but this is not the case. PKR can host over 200 tables which ensures that all players can pull up a seat and enjoy the game, even during busy periods. PKRs steady increments and low limits means that its tables are perfectly designed for beginners and those low limit players that are comfortable with the table limits on offer. No Limit Texas Holdem starts from as little as $0.02/$0.04 and increases to a maximum of $5/$10. Pot limit games offer similar amounts. So although there may be some more seasoned sharks eager to pick up a few easy tables the pricing encourages players such as these to look elsewhere.

But PKRs popularity is perhaps due more to the fantastic look and feel of its gaming experience. Not only does the software look amazing but players have more control over their individual avatars than many other sites. Players can control how their on screen characters interact with the rest of the table. Celebrating, smiling, taunting and clapping are just a few of the ways that players can fully immerse themselves within the game, creating genuine atmosphere at each table. Such attention to detail does require a relatively powerful PC however the performance and experience is second to none.

So if youre looking for a gaming experience that pulls your armchair up to the poker table look no further than PKR.

By Jack

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