PartyPoker is Genius!

10th July, 2009

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Party Poker really has come up with a genius new promotion for poker players and its already off to a flying start! Over 3million hands have already been played generating over $50,000 in winnings with more to come; especially now the jackpot has been raised from $100 to $250!

The promotion has already started and involves party poker squaring the pot of every 50,000th hand creating fantastic jackpots ready and waiting to be won. Whats more its not just the winner of the game that gets everything, oh no! Everyone involved in the hand will get an equal share of the payout so everyones a winner!

On top of this, every millionth hand during the promotion will have a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool with the final 10 millionth getting a GUARANTEED $100,000.

The promo started at 12am on 6th July but theres still plenty of time to win! Heres how it works in simple terms: if the pot stands at $70 partypoker will square it to $4900 as $70x $70 = $4900 pretty good eh?

A spokesman from party poker said, We are not even a week into the promotion and there have already been over three million hands. We have some time to run but you dont have to be Einstein to work out that someone may hit that golden ten millionth hand quicker than we first imagined!

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By Faye

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