Pensioner Becomes Poker Pro!

31st March, 2010

For many young poker players, it is their dream to turn professional at the game they love. However, it seems to be quite rare that a 77 year old man would decide to become a professional poker player but that’s exactly what has happened to Jerry Buss.

Buss is the owner of the LA Lakers, basketball team but recently has left most of his business and basketball decisions to his children therefore meaning he needs a new hobby to fill his time and he has chosen poker.

Jerry was interviewed by the US sports giant ESPN and was asked about whether he’d be successful as a professional poker star. "Whether I can earn a living at it is questionable. But I do play in the World Series of Poker all the time."

Jerry Buss has a doctorate in physical chemistry and has worked all the way through his university years. His first job was as a chemist in the mining industry before working in aerospace. He made his first investment into real estate in 1960 with $1,000 and never looked back. It was the real estate industry that saw him make his millions which has since allowed him to buy the LA Lakers and play in any poker event in the world he pleases.

Buss has played high stakes poker a number of times usually playing in LA or Las Vegas casinos when the WSOP is on. He has won $155,338 from live tournaments, which isn’t much, however he has said that becoming a professional poker player isn’t about the money rather that he thrives on the competition.

When asked by ESPN why he has the sudden interest in becoming a pro he answered, "The competition. I can't think of too many things I can do as easily as that and be competitive at my age."

By Tom

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