Phil Laak Beats Poker Guinness World Record!

7th June, 2010

Professional poker player, Phil Laak has broken the Guinness World Record set by Paul Zimbler by playing the longest continuous poker session. The previous record was 78 hours, 25minutes and 45 seconds which was set in 2005 and was beaten by Laak early Saturday evening at the Bellagio.

The rules were simple, the session must be videotaped, witnesses must be present and a five minute break is allowed each hour with the option of accumulating unused break minutes.

The stakes were $10/$10 no limit hold ‘em. Phil had a handmade chart to document his upswings and downswings with half of all profits made going to the camp sunshine charity.

“If I start to melt down, I don’t want to lose too much of my net worth,” Laak said whilst eating one of his prearranged meals which consisted of brown rice, chicken and broccoli. “The trick to staying awake is to be active with your brain. So I plan on playing my regular game the whole way.”

Laak’s attempt on breaking the world record began Wednesday afternoon; however the preparation started much earlier.

“When I was a kid, I would go to bed at like noon and my parents would get mad because they would have to wake me up for dinner,” Laak said. “That was the only time we had to be anywhere and I didn’t think that was fair. They didn’t care when I went to bed, so that would often be night owl sessions. I was already, without even knowing it, training for this.”

Laaks summer so far has been spent preparing for this session meaning that he hasn’t played in a WSOP event. He is apparently tempted to play in event no.55 on July 1st but he is definitely going to play the main event.

Laak said he would love to take part in a WSOP bracelet event which had no breaks but it would probably not be possibly incase of medical emergencies.

WSOP Media Director, Nolan Dalla is also doubtful about the prospects of such an event.

“We have a lot of other possible events that are on the queue list of what belongs on the World Series schedule,” Dalla said. “Something like that is way, way down the list. I don’t think it would appeal to a wide cross section of people. I think the World Series is about bringing everyone in. It might be interesting to watch from the train-wreck perspective, but I don’t think it is good from the poker perspective.”

When discussing the prospect of the endurance task Laak said, “I believe we all have natural gifts, you don’t find stuff, stuff finds you. Someone might be an amazing glass blower but they will never know because they aren’t blowing glass. If I didn’t get into the degen[erate] lifestyle that is poker, I would have never found out that I have a knack for super enduro-sessions. I accidentally discovered I have this in me.”

By Faye

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