Play Live Poker On The iPhone 4G

8th June, 2010

The new apple iPhone 4G has launched and has an amazing new feature which is sure to interest online poker fans.

When playing online poker one of the disadvantages is the lack of ability to see the faces of your opponents to see that tell tale look of weakness which some players find hard to conceal. However with the new front facing camera and iPokerFace downloadable app youll reap the rewards if you know how to control your emotions and keep a straight face whatever the hand; those who find it hard to conceal their thoughts will be penalized.

If you tap any of your opponents avatars youll be able to see their facial expressions shot live giving you a truly life like virtual gaming experience, youll feel like youre really playing on the felt!

Poker is so versatile it can be played in all kinds of different forms, the hardest part it choosing which way you prefer to play!

By Gina

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