Poker Machines Earn more than average worker.

27th January, 2009

This is the case in South Australia where the office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner revealed statistics that suggest Poker machines are earning their owners a fortune.

The stats showed that around $738million was lost by players last year, which is the equivalent to $58,000 in profit for each machine.

Out of the money that was lost by players, $285 million went to the Government in taxes, while $452.5million went to the venues where the machines are located.

Poker machine revenue did however drop from $796.59million in 2007, which was said to be due to the smoking ban enforced in October 2007.

The Government passed legislation in 2004 to remove 3000 machines from gaming venues, in a bid to reduce the number of people gambling. Unfortunately so far only 2200 have been removed and the number of machines has increased to 12,722 in December from 12,667 in October.

The increase is even more of a worry now, as the latest ABS figures show that the average wages taken home by workers is less than that earned in profit by poker machines, with the average worker in SA taking home £1067.60 a week or $55,515 a year.

By Rommon

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