Professional Poker Charged for Promoting Gambling

8th October, 2007

Richard Lee won millions playing Poker at such events as the World Series of Poker but now he is facing serious charges of gambling. He is been charged for promoting gambling. Police froze his bank accounts and seized his cars, saying that he was one of the biggest bookmakers in town.

"Do I engage in illegal gambling? You Know, I don't think so." said Lee. when asked by a news reporter he replied "Like I told you before, I'm not going to stand here today and try to embellish or to comment on something like that because at this time in my life I haven't been formally charged with any crime," Lee has only been charged at this moment and not been arrested.

Police believe Lee also known behind the scenes as "The Chinaman" and "the biggest bookie" in San Antonio linked to a Web site that allowed people to place bets. The website pretends to be offshore but are actually a local operation that took bets and collected. Four other men were associated with Lee are under investigation. The offenders could face up to a year in jail and a fine of $4000 or both. The deals in the works are expected to let each of the defendants avoid jail time and potential felony prosecution. In exchange, four of the defendants would forfeit 80 percent of the money taken from them. Most or all of the personal property and vehicles seized, however, would be returned. The deals could be forthcoming as soon as next week.

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