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5th July, 2010

The interactive online poker site, PKR is not only a great place on the internet to do some gambling and play a variety of poker games, but in a way it is a social networking site as well. PKR allows you to design your own avatar and mimic him or her after yourself, giving them custom dress, hair and eye colour, facial design and voices. Not only that but you are also allowed to program your avatar with custom tricks you can do while at the table you are playing such as shuffling the chips or stacking them.

The real life aspect of this game is what makes PKR a truly great site of live poker play. Players can control their avatars emotions and movements to invoke feelings of nervousness, happiness, anger, ect. This control over your avatar makes you feel like you are in the actual game room and helps you feel closer to your opponent since you can view their emotions and movements as well.

I had a small problem with the brightness and quality of software at first, however after a few minutes of playing with the settings option I was able to easily navigate myself from table to table and play with different amounts as the blinds and also the different types of poker such as Omaha and Texas hold em.

PKR also offers multiple opportunities for bonuses throughout the site ranging from a 100% match on deposits from 10 to 800 to giving away $50 free for referring a friend. By far the most amazing part of this site and the reason i have been truly impressed with it however, is the avatar experience offered. The interaction between players online allowing to see one anothers emotions and more efficiently bluff and use skill like you would at a real table is what makes this site remarkable.

I would highly recommend PKR to those who are experienced in poker and dont mind having to read what your opponents going to do while at the same time allowing your opponent to read your actions as well. This site is about as real life as it gets for online poker and something you should defiantly check out whether you are the avid gambler or someone who does it for fun occasionally.

By Jack

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