The debate on Legalizing Poker

9th October, 2008

US poker players have had a tough time in recent years with the banning of online gambling. However the PPA (Poker players association) are fighting back and trying to reinstate the use of online poker sites. Many believe it is a citizen’s right to visit website of their choice and others see the game as largely skill based therefore not based on chance and luck.

All states outlaw unauthorized gambling, defined as games with three elements:

  • A prize of value;
  • Consideration, meaning it costs something to play
  • An outcome determined predominantly by chance, not skill.

The big question regarding this ruling is whether poker is based on skill. Now players of the game would strong agree with this statement, however other would argue that it is based on more luck than skill (in reference to the card hands a player receives)

Other casino games have been accepted as strongly based on luck, for example Roulette and others such as chess which involves more skill. Poker is a mixture of both skill and luck therefore it is difficult to define whether it should be included in the third point of the law shown above.

With poker professional consistently making a more than decent earning from play poker, surely the game is based more on skill than luck. Let just wait and see if the US congress agree with this.

By Jamie

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