WSOP 2008 Set On Friday

29th May, 2008

The 2008 World Series of Poker is all set to kick-off on Friday, the 30th of May. With the biggest event in poker happening just a few days from now, players and watchers alike can’t wait to check out the Rio where all the action will take place.

Registration begins on 28th May, Wednesday and a few games will be available for early takers with low buy-ins pegged at $125 up to about $1, 000.00. Players take advantage of this opportunity to earn more tourney chips since their winnings will be in the form of chips and cash combined.

Changes in 2008 WSOP

Even a few days before the start of the WSOP 2008, players are already being advised to check out the tourneys official website to find out changes that have been made regarding rules and regulations covering players’ behaviors and such.

Now that the event is almost here, details that were originally under lock and key are now slowly being disseminated to all those who qualified for the event, those who want to cover it and those who simply want to enjoy it behind the scenes.

As in previous years, ESPN will cover the event, details of which are also posted in various websites promoting the tourney. There have also been a few changes to accommodate players’ needs and make their stay as comfortable as possible. After all, you can’t be on top of your game if you’re stressed out and cannot rest well.

Living like Royalty for World-Class Players

For the benefit of the players, WSOP has added amenities and personalized services for the duration of the series tournament. Personalized services such as arrangements for hotel accommodations, shuttle service, restaurant accommodations even spa facilities have been made available for the players to ensure that they will have a great time mixing business with pleasure.

There will also be separate entryways for players and watchers to avoid any untoward incidences especially from eager fans of the game.

It is interesting to note at this point that the 2007 WSOP has brought about many firsts for the poker series of games. First on the list are of course the unforgettable prizes which amounted to an astounding $160M, give or take a few hundred bucks. Then there is also the charming Mr. Jack Ury who was the eldest among players at 94 years young.

You may have also noticed that last year’s event brought out the best senior players of poker. In fact there were more almost 2, 000 of them playing last year.

By Michael

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