WSOP Becomes Twitter Friendly!

4th February, 2010

The WSOP has tweaked some of their rules of the tournament, it has been announced. Most noticeably is the change in the use of mobile phones at the table. Due to many players having a large following on social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter the WSOP has deciding to take a step towards the future and allow players to text and email when they are not in a hand.

The new rule number 55 states:

"All cell phones and other voice-enabled and ringing electronic devices must be turned off during tournament play. Players not involved in a hand (cards in muck) shall be permitted to text/email at the table, but shall not be permitted to text/email any other player at the table. If Rio, acting in its sole and absolute discretion, believes a player is communicating with another player at the table, both parties will be immediately disqualified from the tournament and face imposition of additional penalties as described in Rule 37. All players desiring to talk on a cell phone must be at least one table length away from their assigned table during all said communication. Those individuals who talk on a cell phone not at least one table length away from their assigned table shall be subject to a penalty to be determined by Tournament Staff. No cell phones or other electronic communication device can be placed on a poker table."

The WSOP is continuing to track penalties that are issued after the implementation of this in 2009. 186 penalties were tracked last year, with penalties ranging from warnings to outright disqualification and removal from the premises. The most common penalty issued was a one-round penalty and the range of infractions included: exposing hand, acting out of turn, removing chips from the table, abusive language, excessive celebration, soft play, cell phone use, throwing cards, dealer abuse and discussing the content of a hand.

Poker has evolved exponentially the last decade, and with so many new players to the game, its important that we as tournament officials, dealers and players are all familiar with the rules, said Vice President of International Poker Operations and World Series of Poker Tournament Director Jack Effel. We believe that as the industry leader, its important for us at the WSOP to have the most comprehensive rules in the game today.

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By Faye

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