WSOP main event delayed until November

2nd July, 2008

WSOP has delayed its main event until November 9th to build media coverage, and create hype and excitement. This has angered some fans who believe the move is in the interest of the media and not the games itself. This is probably going to be a watershed moment for poker, said series commissioner Jeffrey Pollack. The decisions aims to create the same sense of occasion as other global sporting events do, such as the NBA Playoffs or NFL Super bowel.

The WSOP main event was won last year by Jerry Yang, who took home $8.25 million. The size of the tournament and stakes attract a global audience, yet Pollack wants more high quality media coverage which would include, advertising campaigns and player profile building.

"We've been very forthright in that ambition," Pollack said. "Change doesn't happen overnight but a change in intention can happen overnight and our intention here is to help more people experience our thrills and excitement."

Some players and fans say that the break will benefit the amateur players who in between the 4 months break will not come back as the same players.

In spite of this, most admit the tournament needed a change, as participants figures were down from 8,773 in 2006 to 6,358 last year. Pollack went on to say "We have an imperative attached to us that requires us to constantly grow, not just for our own benefit but for the benefit of the entire game and to the benefit of our players, who are ultimately our customers."

By Jamie

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