Women And The WSOP

2nd June, 2010

In 1977, the World Series of Poker which was in its eighth year began an annual event for women. Friday 6th May 1977 saw the first ever all female championship poker event and since then, the tournament has grown annually to be the largest women’s only tournament in the world turning hobbies into lasting careers.

It has been reported that the event began in order to provide the wives and female companions of the male poker players something to occupy their time in order to bring a bigger draw for the male tournaments.

The buy in for the first WSOP female event was just $100 which is the lowest buy in, in the history of the tournament.

From 1979 to 1981 the buy in for the female event was raised to $400 and there was a steady growth in the amount of competitors taking part. In 1982 the buy in rose to $500 until 1991, where the number of competitors rose from 64 entrants to 110.

From 1992 the women’s only event rose to new heights with the buy in being raced to $1000 making it more of a championship event and changing the image of the housewives playing in the back room to a game with more credibility.

Throughout the early part of this decade, the number of entrants into the tournament remained at a steady 100 however in 2004 it dramatically doubled, but this didn’t prepare the organizers for what was to come.

In 2006 601 women entered the event at the Rio hotel and now approximately 1,000 females enter the tournament annually. The event now spans across three days with 60 minute levels and 3,000 starting chips.

This year more than ever women are proving themselves on the felt with big wins from women in the field showing that they are ready to step up to the challenge and to bring a competitive spirit out from within themselves and their competitors.

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By Carol

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