Women are Luvin Poker

28th July, 2009

Jennifer Winter has had a very different life to most girls, beginning at the young age of 14 she was working on red carpets on behalf of a company called Dance Party USA, she then went on to interview Michael Jackson which was one of her biggest hits. By the age of 18 she knew people in high places and began her own TV show watching her work as an assistant to Tony Danza at Sony Pictures before producing and accounting for many music videos as well as famous live events. This all happened before she landed herself as a staffer in the big hit TV show Beverly Hills.

After all this, the family orientated sweetheart decided to move to Las Vegas as her parents built a different life in Sin City. However, this didnt come as easy as other things have throughout her life. She was quickly warned that she would struggle to continue her success unless she got involved with Poker and as a girl who didnt know how to play this was her chance to learn!

She was first taught by high stake poker player Mori Eskandi and asked for a job although he was unable to help as he was fully staffed so referred her to another big name in the game, John Caldwell who was at the time chief editor of Pokernews.com. Winter was hired to handle the finances for the WSOP in 2007.

From this learning trip, Jenifer has recently launched her online poker community and within the last year has gained 2,500 members with 40% being females. The community has bought together poker players from all over the world helping to form friendships and find others who share the same passions, there has even been a few romances form it.

The site boasts a fantastic selection of 400 games, blogs, profiles and photo galleries that members can browse and meet people from all areas of the site. Ms Winter has cheekily requested that men come and join her site 'as women need the guidance because everyone knows they cant play!' It seems that Luvin Poker.com might turn into a dating website rather than a poker website!

By Gina

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