World Cup causes decrease in Poker Players

14th July, 2010

Party Gamings poker division has seen a significant decrease in website traffic over the past few weeks. With total revenue declining from about 11% to 13% it leaves some wondering if the poker industry will bounce back and how soon it will happen. Good news for you avid hold 'em players who enjoy the volume of traffic usually seen on sites such as party poker, it is expected traffic to increase soon now that the World Cup is over. The surprising results such as when the Netherlands beat Brazil and than making it to the finals and Englands collapse caused an unpredictable increase in sports betting during the time taking away players money which would normally be spent on poker tournaments.

Party Gamings CEO had this to say "We have made great progress in securing partners for our poker network in France with PMU, AB Group and Aviation Club De France already in place. We expect to add another significant partner to our French network in the near future. The early signs from this important new market are encouraging." With these new markets opening up to Party Poker, gamers should expect to see an influx in the number of players available online. Even with this minor speed bump in the online poker industry it is nothing to worry about, because online gaming across all functions will only continue to grow as technology grows.

By Jack

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