World's Rarest Poker Literature Collection On Show

11th June, 2010

Poker has inspired many writers for years and has been the underpinning of many works of fiction. There has also been many books written about the games and tournaments and of course colourful characters who played in them.

Analysis of the game has come from almost every conceivable view point, including both the mathematics and the psychology involved in the game. For the first time one of the most important collections of poker literature is to be sold.

The sale of the collection will be in London and has been assembled by Natalie Galustian for many years. Natalie names the collection, All in. The collection includes some very valuable first editions which were published as far back as 1880.

The collection shows the development of poker from the eighteen hundreds until today. The collection demonstrates the wealth, quality and academic writing of the game which clearly recognizes that poker is a game of skill rather than just chance.

Tony Holden wrote a foreword for the collection; Tony Holden wrote Big Deal, which is a book about making money out of poker which was followed by Bigger Deal about returning to poker after a fifteen year break. His favourite book in the collection is Rules for playing poker by General Robert Cumming Schenck 1880.

Natalie Galustian has been dealing rare books since 2005. She opened her shop earlier this month where you can view the collection at 22 Cecil Court WC2N 4HE.

By Carol

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