Poker Girls Have Arrived!

20th Aug 2007

Hollywood Poker’s yearly contest for the hottest poker hostess has finished. After gamblers from all around the world have been rating and judging incredible hotties; at last the votes have been counted and verified and the results are in. The hottest of the hottest will be shown in the Hollywood Poker’s 2008 Poker Girls Calendar, which will be available from any newsagents from October, following the September shoot.

Here are the names of the most beautiful Poker hostesses around: Amanda Felicia, Krystle Lina, Jamie Gainer, Tina Marie, Adree DeSanti, Rachel Zimmerman, Seanna Mitchell, Veronica Becerra, Tasha T, Jeri Lee, Alex Zerega and Tarney Halle.

Hollywood Poker, is designed around the idea of Hollywood. The site claims to host games for over 200 celebs, which can be identified by the gold star next to their names. The site also organizes 3 weekly celebrity events and has a huge number of different bonuses. So, if you are interested in celebrities, hot ladies and cash prizes or simply online poker games, then go check it out, you might get an autograph there.

Which part of the site do you use most often?