Poker Pro’s to play against Intelligence Machine

13th Jun 2007

It was today announced that leading professor, Jonathan Schaeffer has challenged a couple of poker pros to compete in a poker game run by artificial intelligence software that he has developed. The pros that will compete in the Texas Holdem game of 2000 hands have been named as Phil Laak and Ali Eslami. The winner, not only gets to prove themselves in one of the most anticipated tournaments in the history of poker but also gets to bag a $50K prize. For the challenge, the intelligence software will be running a number of different programs one which is agressive but wunable to account for the style of play of the opponents, whereas the other programs can adjust the style of play accordingly. The challenge is set to take place in Vancouver at the annual AAAI conference, held in late July 2007. The poker competition normally is just for different software companies developing such poker programs and last year it was Jonathan Schaeffers team that won. It will be interesting to keep an eye on this and see how it pays off – can artificial intelligence cope with bluffing and other such poker tactics?

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