PokerStars set new record

2nd Aug 2007 has this week set a new record for the highest amount of players at one tournament. On Sunday, 20,000 people turned up for the Sunday Hundred Grand.

The Sunday Hundred Grand Tournament, which has a guaranteed prize pool, is 1 of 4 big money tournaments hosted by PokerStars every Sunday. The other 3 tournaments are the Sunday Million, the Sunday Warm-up and the High-Stakes Showdown. All of these tournaments offer players the chance to win a top prize worth thousands of dollars.

With a buy in of $10+$1, the Sunday Hundred Grand Tournament gives players the chance of winning big money with small stakes. This week’s winner was Lynna1 of the USA, who took home $20,000 for winning the event.

Of the big money prizes that were handed out on Sunday, $20,000 was the lowest. The top prize for the winner of the High-Stakes Showdown was $72,000. The Sunday Warm-Up had a top prize even higher than the High Stakes Showdown, coming in at just under $94,000. However, the main event at on a Sunday is the Sunday Million. This weeks winner was a player named Zutzman who won a cool $152,537.87.

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