PokerStars World Cup Just Around the Corner

20th Jul 2007

The 4th Annual Poker World Cup at PokerStars is getting ever closer to the final in Barcelona this September. This year there are over 50 different countries entering the tournament, trying to win the title from last year’s champions Poland. Everyone representing their country at this year’s event has got there through PokerStars qualifiers.

The teams representing their countries will battle for $250,000 in prize money at the World Cup of Poker and the USA, Canada and Germany have taken part in an additional opening round of play, with teams from different regions from these countries currently being finalized. These countries then compete in Divisional Qualification events, in which teams representing states and provinces of each country play on 22nd July to narrow the field further. Because these 3 countries have such a huge PokerStars contingent, they each receive two teams.

After these regional qualifiers are the National Team qualifiers for all 57 countries in the tournament. It takes place in the final week of July and the line-ups for the World Cup will be finalised in early August. Each country’s team will consist of 4 players with 2 of them coming through these qualifiers. The other 2 players are each country’s 2 highest performers on the 2006 PokerStars Tournament Leader Board. PokerStars will add a final 5th player to each team representing their country at the final event in Barcelona. The final in Barcelona that takes place between 4th and 7th September will consist of 8 teams, with winnings going to the top four. The first prize is $100,000 with each player of the winning country receiving $20,000.

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