Yahoo and St Minver bring poker to the masses

1st May 2007

Yahoo today announced that they are signing a deal with St Minver to be able to provide yahoo users with a new flash only browser based poker product. St Minver who already partner with them and provide Yahoo with their online bingo partnership and capitalising on their already existing relationship.

There is a demand for online poker, and hence portals such as Yahoo want to take advantage. They will ensure that they provide users with a fun and entertaining poker platform that is simple to use but entertaining and educational. Endemol Gaming will provide online poker tutorials and also video guides on how to play, so that even players new to poker can have a go.

The software is provided by Boss Media, and Yahoo will join the St Minver network. St Minver, better known for their bingo and soft games operations are based in Gibraltar, adn already work with some of the other leading UK gaming brands such as Littlewoods bingo

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