Yang Wins Main Event at WSOP

18th Jul 2007

Jerry Yang was the last man standing out of 6,358 players in the 2007 WSOP Main Event. The event went on for 11 days and made a millionaire out of 5 people. Yang was one of just 9 players to make the final table. There were many low profile players in the final, but they take the game very seriously and are considered professionals in their home countries.

The final began with Dane Philip Hilm, who plays professionally in England, as the leader with 22,070,000 in chips, yet this did not stop him being the first man illiminated, ironically by eventual winner Yang.

At the final table play, Jerry Yang had 8,450,000 chips with only one man at the table having less. Yang managed to get a chip lead early on in the game. It finally came to a heads-up match between Yang and Canadian pro Tuan Lam, in which Yang had an almost 5 to 1 advantage. Jerry took more than 200 hands to win and become 2007 WSOP World Poker Champion. He claimed more than $8 million for the victory, as well as collecting the sought after WSOP Main Event gold bracelet.

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